Justine Sanchez – Women in Solar Power History Highlights

Justine Sanchez, a PV+Storage Curriculum Developer & Trainer at Solar Energy International (SEI), recounts her first encounter with solar, shares her experiences with early solar training for women, and encourages women to continue pushing forward.

Listen to the full interview from Solar for All:

Explore SEI’s Women in Solar Power program:

Women’s Solar Electric Lab Week training at SEI:

Battery Storage Is Essential to the Smooth Operation of a Solar Power System

One of the benefits of solar energy is its versatility, but there are also drawbacks. While the sun is generally more powerful during the day, it cannot always meet the peak energy demands of a home. The daytime hours can be quite hot, and when the sun isn’t shining, the temperature increases and more electricity is needed to cool homes, cook food, and operate appliances. In this case, energy storage is essential to ensure the smooth operation of a solar power system and help it integrate well into the energy landscape.

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