Hacker Group ‘REvil’ Cyberattacking Various Companies | Solar TV

Today we’re talking about the hacker group that calls themselves ‘REvil’, and how they’ve been demaning ransoms from companies after gaining access to secure files and threatening to make them public. Victims include meat producer JBS, clean energy company Invenergy, and as of today Sol Oriens, which is a US nuclear weapons contractor.

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Solar Wolf Energy Inc


Smart Meters and Smart Meter Security

Smart electrical power meters are made to pass on details concerning the electrical energy usage of a household or organization straight to the utility. Concerns about data safety and security and RF discharges have been the largest obstacles for the utilities to conquer in public understanding.

Reduce Electricity Bills With Solar Power

When it involves use of Solar Panels, Australia is growing right into amongst the most effective areas yet still a good deal has to be done. Australia’s dry setting as well as latitude the mixture of both bring it a higher possibility for solar energy generation. A great part of the Australia obtains higher than 4 kWh for each square meter daily of insolation throughout the cold weather, while an area in the north surpassing 6 kWh everyday.

Home Solar Energy – The 7 Components of Your Solar Power System

House solar power is a fantastic method of both conserving cash and also the setting. Building your very own planetary system has lots of advantages and also incentives, yet prior to starting such a task you might be wondering what parts are required to mount a completely working grid-tied system. There are 7 primary components you will certainly require when electrical wiring up a solar power system for your home from photovoltaic panels to batteries to converters.

Solar Panels on Your Rooftop Is No Longer Just a Dream

For decades, there has been conversation in the media concerning mounting solar panels on our rooftops. However, up until recently, couple of home owners actually mounted them– only those with extraordinary interest as well as worry concerning the setting. The factor– the cost of solar panels upfront– between $10,000 to $60,000. Nonetheless, a whole new company model has altered all that.

New Water Conservation Product “Water Rounds” – Saving Water, Plant Growth, and Your Pocketbook?

While going through my local House Depot a couple of weeks back, I came across a new product in the horticulture section called Hand Rounds. After checking out it for 2 secs I comprehended precisely what it was, slapped myself in the head, and said “Duh!” Why really did not I consider that! It is so easy it’s stupid. These new items are essentially the top of a pot that has been cut from the base, where the bottom is changed with teeth to explore the dirt – a hand tree’s ideal house.

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