Bluetti AC200 MAX: Is it a rip off??

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440W Solar Panels I used with my AC200MAX:

48V Battery Charger I used for testing:

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LiFePO4 Battery Chargers:

Solar Charge Controllers:

Solar Panel Mounting Guide:


Battery Monitors:

Favorite Tools:

12V fridges:

-DIY Solar System Packages-

Plug and Play Systems:

400W Starter System:

400W Starter System w/ Alternator Charging:

800W System:

DIY LiFePO4 System Design:

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Open Fires, Draughts and Chimney Dampers in the UK

Till recently, understanding amongst U.K. homeowners of the cash saving advantages of fitting chimney dampers to open fires has actually been remarkably reduced, yet soaring fuel prices are beginning to concentrate the minds of also the least “environment-friendly” among us on power effectiveness. If you read this in the States, I’m probably preaching to the converted, but you will be surprised to hear that smokeshaft dampers are almost unheard of here in the U.K. I have actually been included in chimney/fireplace consultancy for nearly 15 years and I’m surprised this simple innovation has not yet become a part of typical fire place as well as flue style in my country.

Importance of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Ambient air high quality surveillance is necessary to establish the condition of ambient gases. Ambient air, for example, is the air that we, living points, take a breath. Its high quality as well as content is directly impacted by our activities. Likewise, it directly impacts our health and wellness in addition to the well-being of the environments in the world.

How To Mount Solar Panels On Your Roof

It is not hard to learn exactly how to mount solar panels on your roofing system and afterwards install the panels without professional assistance. While you can work with a photovoltaic panel installment specialist to do the work, it can be fairly expensive a house owner can conserve a lot of money by doing the installment service his/her very own.

Power Connection Standard Rules Which Every Consumer Should Know

Power link deregulation has actually been a common occurrence all over the nation these past few years approximately, as well as a great deal of people and companies have been rushing to discover alternate electrical energy carriers after their respective state has actually determined that this would be the very best alternative for everyone involved. Before this extreme change took impact, many people would be devoted to the controlled electricity industry-adapting with what the de facto companies’ imposed unto their customer market.

Ways to Get and Pay for Cheap Electricity

Whether we like it or not, the rates of food, gas, clothes and daily expenses will go high. It’s a reality that we must all approve. This goes the very same with electrical power. When it’s obtaining more pricey, people intend to locate means on how to minimize their electrical power intake or get cheaper electricity simply to save. If you are one of those people, after that you can obtain low-cost power any place you are.

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